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-We are live in- Ahmedabad

WIFICHAI has all the solutions for the most pleasurable, authentic and hassle-free booking for local tea experience across your locality. You can now book over multitude of Tea outlets in Ahmedabad through the App! With exclusive and authentic services, WIFICHAI will certainly be your reliable guide to ordering Chai and experiencing it.

Our key features include:

  • Simple interfaced and easy download app
  • Compatible on both Android and ios platform
  • Assured product quality and guarantees excellent Service delivery
  • We stand true to the worth and ensure each of our associates and support vendors are situated in the quality belt of our reach.
  • We offer a platform for customer support to make sure all your ordering process is smooth and seamless.
  • Dominance presence in all high quality sectors including education institutes, corporate houses and offices.
  • WIFICHAI is based on the goodwill and supported by quality conscious.