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Our Objectives

The key objective of WIFICHAI is to set exceptional Tea experience across the country using the latest technologies & high-end app based program, supported by highly qualified and richly experienced personnel of the trade and our local tea associates.

We aim to primarily focus on the modern virtual service mechanism ensuring our client attains the optimum service without risking them to long waiting hours and undependable services and compromised beverage quality.

We aim to prepare each of the local tea vendors for the challenge of timely service and represent the organization as our ultimate brand ambassador.

Our Vision!

Our effort will be to be the India’s most sought after mobile app based tea service Company, creating viable resolutions necessary to bring an aromatic, heartfelt experience, so we can attain consistent and predictable growth year on year.
We endeavour to deliver most sought-after, truly Indian, and flavoursome Cuppa of Chai which is seamlessly delivered at your location within set schedules.